Online Scheduler Increases Client Loyalty

If you own a medical clinic, then you must understand how it feels like to have to manage several systems just to get all potential patients. You will have to have a phone system in place in order to catch all calling patients then you would have to record all the details and information pertinent to walk-in patients. Other than that, you will need to store all the data that a physician would have regarding a certain patient, including the schedule of the next visit. Then you would need to coordinate all these bits of information in order to create timely reminders in order to reduce the no show rate of the clinic. Well, the good news is all these can be integrated in an online scheduler.

The online scheduler is a well-thought of office automation tool because it smartly integrates the Internet technology to the traditional way a medical clinic is run. This means that it empowers you to self-initiate your appointment whenever and wherever you feel the need to. Since the scheduler is web-based, you can access it 24/7 as long as you have an Internet connection agen 88 slot. The possibility for duplicate appointments is pretty slim as it is real-time.

What does a Real-Time Scheduler Mean?

A real-time online scheduler is a software that refreshes every second. Hence, if two people block the same schedule for the same doctor then the system will honor the person who clicked on the “Submit” button first. If that happens, the second person will be automatically notified that the schedule has already been taken and would be given alternatives to choose from.

Aside from setting your own appointments, you can also cancel them and the affected party will be automatically notified. This way, the slot will be re-opened and the next user who wants it can take it.

The real-time feature also benefits you in the sense that it ensures you’re getting only the latest downloadable forms. This reduces the time needed to fill out forms when you’re at the clinic already. This saves time for you, the receptionist, the medical practitioner and the patient scheduled after you.

An online scheduler also has its use for medical practitioners. Basically, it can be used to enforce loyal patients by making them commit to come back before leaving the clinic. Here’s how it works: before a patient leaves, the medical practitioner can take out a smart phone, an iPad or a laptop and access the scheduler. Then he or she can block your next appointment date for you. And since everything is automated, you are sure to get an appointment reminder 24-48 hours prior to your next appointment.

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