Tomorrow’s Yahoo! and Google

Considering that both Google and Yahoo! are now seen more as new-age technology avatars instead of mere search engines, what makes them different? There is an obvious Buy Google Reviews difference in respective business planning as they should, but at least one big difference for a layman lies in how they let know where they stand.

Without doubt, both are working on path-breaking initiatives, but while Yahoo! is apparently talking it out, Google prefers playing its cards close to chest till the last moment before unveiling. Secondly, from search industry’s standpoint, there is marked variation in strategic planning of one from the other.

If you look at it closely, it will be apparent that for awhile now, search engines are no longer only about providing search results, though that still remains the mainstay. Armed with treasure-chest of users’ search behavior over vast geographic areas culled for over a decade, it does not appear surprising that for major search engines the priority (for maintaining sustainable growth) will increasingly veer toward coming on board with innovative technology in order to make web-life more informative and useful.

Both Google and Yahoo! have stepped up efforts to redefine people’s priorities on the web, thus in effect moving away from only providing search results. The underlying assumption seems to be that there are many of them doing that, and so there is not much more to gain.

Seen in this perspective, it is indeed interesting to study how the 2 giants are working it out for themselves. Let us have a look.

“Yahoo! manages many of the largest and richest data repositories in the world, and our researchers mine insights from these giant collections, individually and collectively,..”

An interesting offshoot of Yahoo!’s experiments is partnering with O’Reilly Media to design a ‘fantasy design market’, called The Tech Buzz Game []’, started in May last year. The program lends you an imaginary booty of $10000, and eggs you on to bid for or against ‘fantasy stocks’ that represent companies engaged in products or technologies which surfers think will be popular (or fade away) in the future. And while you are at it, the popularity or ‘buzz’ of a technology or a concept is constantly worked out in background by Yahoo! search frequency.

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