Top 5 Casino/Poker Movies





– Not an excessive amount to say about this film. For Texas Hold’em fans this is their filmatic-Bible. Rounders is certain, and a piece exaggerated, however generally around charming, particularly for John Malkovich’s extraordinary exhibition (and highlight). My companion works for a maker that sells custom poker chip sets and he says he gets essentially twelve orders every month from individuals requesting to reproduce the bear-emblazened customized poker chips from this film.


The Cooler:

– I’m a piece one-sided since I’m a major William H. Macy fan. He gets to some degree pigeonhole as the carefree washout again and again (as he truly does in this film) however he does it so well. Alec Baldin is great in this too.



-This film is truly worth seeing particularly in the event that you are an advanced film noir fan. This is a truly dull, all around great film that doesn’t overlook the dingy side of the Casino business. It was one of the better motion pictures I’ve found in quite a while. It doesn’t romanticize the calling, a long way from it, yet it shows club’s and betting in a specific undesirable, yet engaging light. I suggest the film, to club sweethearts or card fans as well as to anybody searching for an incredible portrayal of the business and how it can both ruin and save one’s life.


California Split:

– It’s by Robert Altman. An American fortune. What more might I at any  pg say? See this before Atlman’s phantom rolls up in a Benz, Mercedes benz edges and all, and slaps you into it awareness.



– DeNiro, Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese. This film is to betting motion pictures what Godfather is to mobster films. Assuming you’re searching for a definitive Casino/poker film it’s safe to say that this is all there is to it.


Alan McGee is an independent essayist from Minneapolis MN who likely invests a lot of energy at the nearby poker tables.

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