Last week, a new store in my neighborhood opened selling health food and supplements. I finally went to check it out yesterday. The range of bodybuilding products on offer was impressive. There were many brands I hadn’t seen here in America. So, the salesman approached me and asked if I needed any help with the supplements I was interested in. I said yes and he began to pitch his new creatine supplement range. After 2 minutes, I was forced to stop him. His mouth full of garbage was insulting to my intelligence. He clearly read the marketing material sent by the supplement company, and had added some padding to it in order to sell the product. He said that he did not train. I then asked him more detailed questions about creatine. (which I knew the answers to as I was only testing him) and he couldn’t understand what I was talking. I decided to walk out. As I walked away, I was struck by how someone unfamiliar with bodybuilding and supplements could easily fall for the salesman’s pitches. I decided to offer some tips and advice to newbies on how to avoid getting ripped off. We all know that supplements can be expensive and there are a million things that I’d rather have my hard earned money for than supplements I don’t need.

These are the points to remember before purchasing a supplement whole food daily fruits vitamins. Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is your first line defense against being swindled. A supplement store should not be a place where you don’t know what you need. You can find information at many places on this website. We recommend our supplements section, article section, discussion forum, or magazine. It is important to do extensive research before purchasing any supplements. Our forum offers free advice and reviews. You can also compare prices and products. There’s so much information available that it would be foolish not to look at. Never take a salesman’s word for it. Never listen to anyone who stands to make a profit on your purchase. Salespeople are trained to make the largest sale. This is often done by over-hyping supplements and telling you to get rid of unnecessary items.

Always seek advice from an independent source. It was difficult to get quality advice from a trusted source if one didn’t know someone who was interested in bodybuilding, or worked in a supplement store. We now have the internet. You can post questions on forums and read thousands of articles. So there are many reasons to do your research. It’s probably too good to be true if it sounds too good. This is an age-old saying. This is true for supplements.

Supplement companies love to hype up their products and sometimes lie about their packaging. These are some classic examples of this: “Studies have shown …” Studies show what?” Who did these studies? We would like to see a copy of the study. We aren’t allowed to see the results of in-house studies conducted by companies. “New and improved formula.” How do you improve on something that’s already the best value for money? This is what I was told by the company when I purchased my last package. I’m not denying that there are many great supplements.

You should be cautious about miracle supplements promising to increase weight. Only purchase supplements that you have set goals. Ronnie Coleman does not endorse it. Supplement companies pay a lot to get top bodybuilders to endorse their products. These guys made it big simply by using these products. Quite often, a bodybuilder won’t start using and endorsing a product unless they are well-known on IFBB. How did they get so large? They ate like bears and trained like Olympic athletes. The type of supplements that you choose should reflect your training goals. You don’t need to spend $300 per month on six different kinds of supplements if you are only training 3 times per week to tone up.

Don’t be afraid of old brands

Over the years I have seen many different supplement companies fail over the years. They fail because of their poor quality or overpriced supplements. Although these companies might be profitable for a time, their products end up being of poor quality and overpriced. They have quality products that are trusted and have been around for so many years. These companies have survived and stood the test. These companies are trusted and have nothing to lose if they mislead or exaggerate their products. These products can be trusted.

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