The Beautiful World Of Necklaces

Necklaces are an integral part of fashion jewelry since the foundations of human civilizations. These jewelry items are worn around the neck and are primarily designed for women. Although a majority of this jewelry articles are made of metals, there are necklaces that are made of other materials and are extensively used in some cultures. The basic structure consists of a chain that goes round the neck, with an adornment hanging from the chain. These adornments, known as pendants, are generally stones of different colours, pearl beads, shells and other valuable items. Depending on the value of the pendant item, the cost of a necklace varies.

Necklaces can be classified based on certain factors. Most markets sell these items based on the length of the chain. The necklaces with a small circumference of 40 centimetres are known as chokers and are placed very near to the neckline real wolf tooth necklace
. Similarly, based on different lengths, necklaces are named as princess, opera, matinee necklace and so on. Lariat is a special type of necklace, which has multiple wraps, and is sold in several design patterns. These necklaces are extremely popular among women as it can be configured the way they want to wear it.

Alternately, necklaces are also classified based on the type of diamond. Among western countries that follow Christianity predominantly, there is a trend of wearing cross necklaces. These jewelry items have a Christian cross that is generally made of a metal. The most popular of all fashion necklaces is of course one with a diamond pendant. Over centuries, this jewelry article has been considered as one of the greatest expression of love, which is why its cost and the demand are always high. The size of the diamond determines the price of the necklace, and in most cases, this is affordable only to affluent families due to the high cost.

Another beautiful pendant that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades is the pearl adornment. Pearls are probably the most favourite fashion item after diamonds that is popular among women. Apart from the colour of the beads, the uniformity of all the pearls play a major role in determining the price of this necklace. The expensive pearl necklaces have equally sized beads all though the necklace. Shark tooth necklaces are one of the hottest trends in fashion today. Over the years, many surfers and city goers alike have been wearing this one of a kind necklaces. They make a great addition to any outfit or style. Whether you are at the beach or around town, shark tooth necklaces will add greatly to your appearance.

Shark tooth necklaces do not harm the shark in any way. Shark shed their teeth naturally and quite frequently, making harvesting quick and easy. You can even find the teeth along the sand at the beach, often hidden next to much bigger shells and debris.

These necklaces were insanely popular in the 1970’s. They are believed to give the wearer a sense of strength and urgent vitality. Harnessing the power of the shark, many who wear this necklace claim that it helps with their overall appearance and wellbeing. There has always been a sense of mystique and an element of danger around the shark tooth necklace. It is a classic fashion accessory and is still going strong today.

There are many different styles of shark tooth necklaces to choose from. Some can come on black or brown leather strands, and some can come on beaded threads. To change the style up, you can customize your necklace by adding various beads and shells to emphasize the nature of the necklace. One popular variation is made with coco wood beads and standard thread, simple yet classic style.

With a multitude of shark teeth available, you are sure to find one that matches your style. One of the classic styles is from the Mako. The Mako shark tooth is commonly found and one of the most distinct on a necklace. It has the classic triangular shape, with a slightly ragged edge and sharp point. These teeth are a stark white, often varying slightly in color and shade. This only adds to the appeal of the necklace as no two necklaces are alike.

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